Copper ClayTM,  Bronze Clay and Messing AlkymiTM BrasClayTM are metal powders. They come in a two part package, metal powder and binder. Separated to minimize oxidation, you mix it fresh, when you want it. The binder burns out during firing, and leave only metal behind... no longer in powder form, but sintered into the Copper, Bronze or Brass object you created.  Due to the rapid oxidation of Copper, we only manufacture it in the 50 gram size.

  Copper ClayTM, Bronze or BrasClayTM
   50g & 100g

Coming Soon - Nickel BrasClay

All metal clays (wet or dry) are subject to oxidation. We take every precaution to protect our product. Please purchase the size you intend to use within a short time of opening. The packets are sealed after manufacture, to prevent oxidation of the metal powder. A small pillow pak called an "O" buster is sealed into each container to absorb the small amount of oxygen remaining inside. Exposure to humidity or moisture and oxygen will cause the metal clay powder to no longer work. When fired, oxidized metal clay will not sinter. It looks a bit like burned toast, and will crumble.

Metal clay requires specific equipment for firing. A kiln with a digital, programmable, electronic temperature control that can take the temperature to 1850 degrees Farenheight is a must for Copper Clay
TM and 1600 degrees Farenheight for Bronze Clay! Copper jewelry is not seen as often as other metals. It is a bit more technical to use than other metals, and requires more heat than the Bronze. In the past, copper had to be brought up to melting temperatures and poured into a mold to make jewelry from it. Now it can be safely worked, cold, and fired into beautiful creations.

Our Messing AlkymiTM (Beautiful Metal) BrassClayTM may be used alone and fired at the bronze temperature for a GOLD TONE color OR it may be fired at the copper temperature for a warm RED BRASS color.  You can also combine it with either the bronze or the copper for a rich two tone look.
We use jewelry grade copper, bronze and brass metal powders in the production of our metal clays.

You will also need a stainless steel pan with a lid, and activated charcoal, to properly fire your work. We recommend activated Coconut charcoal for both Bronze and Copper......   and Copper MUST use the Coconut activated charcoal.  Let your item cool completely in the kiln, before removing it. 

If you have burnished it prior to firing,
and it was allowed to cool in the charcoal,
it should require very little clean up or buffing.

 Due to binders in the Metal Clays, wood and other traditional working surfaces are not advised. For best results, our Copper and Bronze metal clays (and GLASCLAYTM)  should be worked using a non stick type rolling bar and rolling sheet.
Simple olive oil, or coconut oil, used  very sparingly on your hands and the rolling sheet and bar will give you the best control of your clay. No special creams or hand salves are required. Metal clays react swiftly and negatively
with aluminum surfaces and tools. 
Tools should be silicon, rubber or stainless steel.
 Plastic may be used as well.

The beauty of Metal (and Glass) Clay, is the ability to design and create an object, with high relief features that does not require a mold, and can be dried and fired, retaining its original integrity. Hollow objects also can and will retain their integrity when designed, created and fired correctly.

Complete instructions for mixing and firing come with each purchase.  You will discover for yourself what methods work best for you. Experiment after you have gained a little experience, and see what more there is to do with this wonderful material.

Pre-mixed metal clay has been on the market for several years. Our metal clays are manufactured dry, in a powder form. When hydrated, this gives you a fresher,
more supple product, less likely to crack.

Mixes metal clays do not save well. Be prepared to use all of the clay when you mix it.  If you must save it, the copper clay has the shortest life span after having been mixed.  It is imperative that it be wrapped carefully in saran wrap, with all of the oxygen bubbles smoothed out, then stored in a ziplock baggie, again with as much oxygen as possible, smoothed out.  If you have a food sealer that removes oxygen and seals items into plastic, it would be better to use than a baggie. 

We do not guarantee that you will not end up with oxidized clay if you decide to try and save some already mixed metal clay. We cannot change the nature of the metals. We do guarantee that you will receive fresh, metal powder, ready to mix into fresh metal clay, when you purchase our product. If the seal on the jar in your local store has been compromised, do not purchase it. If you receive a compromised jar from us in a mail order, please contact us immediately. 




Sculptors have a brand new medium, glass artists have a more versatile form of glass, bead makers can make highly intricate beads, never before possible.
Jewelry designers can easily create intricate

Create new works of art with our cold


Allow to dry, then fire directly on kiln paper, no mold needed (you may use a mold to form your object if desired, then dry and remove from the mold prior to firing). Items fire opaque.

We have just released, "Non-Sculptural" Translucent GlasClayTM . Make stained glass-like objects, with incredible detail.


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